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Investment rating is а detailed review and in-depth audit of your ICO that is delivered to 25 crypto funds and 15K private investors.
About the Investment Rating product
Investment Rating provides an independent and unbiased assessment of a project. It enables professional investors to benchmark new ICOs with their peers and is invaluable for making an investment decision.
Our assessment is conducted by a team of professionals with a background in finance and investment banking who have vast experience in assessing blockchain projects, cryptocurrencies and ICOs/ITOs.
Why every ICO needs a rating?
Investment Rating is an independent expert opinion that is received by 25 crypto funds that manage more than USD 2 bln in total. Having a rating helps investors to trust a project.
Projects that have undergone our Investment Rating have had better ICO results compared to industry peers: 87% of the projects rated by us performed a successful ICO
$1.7 bn
The total amount of funds raised by projects who undergone our Investment Rating
$14 mln
The average amount of funds raised by projects who undergone our Investment Rating
What is included in the Investment Rating?
Audit Report can also be a tool for startups, allowing them to identify and improve weaker aspects of their project and to make any necessary changes before the ICO is launched.
Our Investment Ratings of ICO projects are used as a foundation for making decisions by 15 000 private investors and 25 crypto funds that manage more than 2 billion dollars in total.
We publish Investment Ratings on our web-site under a special "Projects with Investment Rating" section, offering high visibility to investors and the crypto community. We also promote rated projects via social media channels (30k+ followers) , and in our investor newsletter, read by more than 15,000 retail investors and 25 crypto funds with a total AUM of US$2 bln
What areas of a project does an audit cover?
In the Investment Rating, we perform a detailed audit of your project and assign an investment rating — the key indicator for investors.
General information about the project and ICO
Project services and their usage
Engineering solutions
Development strategy and roadmap
Market review
Marketing strategy
Competitive advantages of the project
Project risks
Project economy
Investment highlights of the token
After your project undergoes an Investment Rating Audit, you will gain a full understanding of all the weaknesses in your project, and understand where you need to strengthen it to stage a successful ICO.
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