Post-ICO Rating

A detailed in-depth audit of your company after ICO that
will be delivered to 25 crypto funds and 4 large exchanges
About ICORating
About the Post ICO Rating
Why you should have a Post ICO Rating?
Your current and future investors want to know more about your traction. Exchanges want to take a look on third party opinion about your company.
Let them make a well-thought out decisions about your token via Post ICO Rating.
Crypto hedge funds will receive information about current traction of your product. It is the best way to attract more high quality investor's attention to your token
$2 bln
The amount of assets are managed by our funds
Large Crypto Exchanges will receive your POST ICO Rating
Post ICO Rating is 100% relevant
to these requests
Just 3 major points on why Post ICO Rating is a necessity for every company after ICO
Foundation for well-thought out decisions
Information on the current state of a project is a key motivator for investors to buy/sell/hold tokens
High level of trust from your investors
The level of trust in information from an independent rating agency is several times higher than in media articles, official releases on a project website or those on its social media pages
High level of trust from large exchanges
If you want to be listed on large exchanges, your company should be absolutely transparent for them. Post ICO Rating is the most efficient way for that.
What is included in the POST ICO Investment Rating?
Analysis of current traction of the project:
• Product Development.
• Business & Finance.
• Market Dynamics & Regulations.
• Secondary Market.
Compilation of the data received and conclusions in an expert report on the project.
Publication of the report and rating on ICORating's social media pages (Twitter, Telegram, Facebook) — more than 30,000 subscribers.
Mailout of the report to a base of more than 10,000 investor subscribers. The report is also received by more than 20 funds with a total AUM of more than $2 bln. The list of funds is available at
Let large investors and exchanges know what's going on
with your project.
Funds and Exchanges who will receive
your Investment Rating
More than 25 crypto funds and 10 exchanges ,
for example:
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